Brigadier (R) Sirohi is an electrical engineer with advance courses in electrical and mechanical from college of military engineering Pune.
Few of His key professional accomplishments are ….
  • Led a team of 160 engineers and 5,000 construction workers to take townships from inception to completion in an inhospitable and snowbound terrain, 10,000 ft above sea level. These projects also included resuscitation of an airfield constructed 60 years ago. His responsibilities ranged from design,  estimation to financial and resource management.
  • Eliminated power cuts and extended water supply to entire population for township inhabited by 6 lakh people by upgrading an aging and inefficient infrastructure. This project included supplying 24×7 electric and water.
  • Raised a team of 3,000 personnel led by 3 Chief Engineers to contract, build and deliver mini townships costing Rs 80,000 crore. This project included living habitats, bridges, security walls, helipads &  their infrastructure.
  • Evaluated infrastructure and construction projects at various stages of completion. This included the technical evaluation of all tender documents, quality of work being executed
  • Execution of a mini township  costing 55,000 crore for training & education institute having 600 students. This included construction of residential facilities for the staff of the institute & students including all training facilities required for officers of the Navy including their engineering degree.