Mayrahkee specializes in creating an innovative architecture that is both refreshing and inspiring. Our expertise in handling building issues has earned us recognition as one of the most promising architectural consultant firm. The client’s needs are also served with Vastu phenomena in designs (As required or requested).

  • Interiors of Showrooms
  • Designing of offices
  • Interiors of residences and farm houses

Our designing approach is methodical, innovative and rich. We put extensive construction knowledge and give importance to minutest detailing from the conceptualization of a project, way through execution and project handover. At all level, we get our esteemed client’s acclamation.

Jasmine @ Mayrahkee Works
She designed a 7000 sqft plot turned into an Apartment Complex (Ground+4) in Mauritius from conceptualization to Design.  Each Apartment having 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Her specialization is in rendering.

Her scope of work was as under …

1. Consulted with clients to determine functional and spatial requirements of new structure.
2. Created Mood Boards and gave them several options according to their interest.
3. Prepared Design Stage Plans- Site Plan, Typical Floor plan.
4. Prepared Permit Drawings and gave necessary construction details.
5. Prepared Model and rendered plans for the better understanding of the project.
6.  Designed Interiors for the Apartments, Clubhouse and Gym Facilities.
7. Designed Brochure booklet for the Apartments to be sold to the public through a realtor.